Renewing a Water Management Plan

Renewing your WMP access for another 12 months is easy. The user who purchased the WMP simply clicks on "Renew" next to the WMP site name in the WMP dashboard and completes the checkout process. The volume discount applies to renewals as well as new WMP purchases.

Only the WMP Purchaser sees the Renew link in the WMP dashboard. The other WMP team members see the Purchaser's name and email but not the Renew link. For most facilities, it's best to keep the WMP in the same account in which it was purchased but transferring a WMP is possible (see

Access to your WMP ends the morning of the expiration date. Be sure to renew on time to avoid the following reactivation fees:

        $50 if renewed 1-30 days after expiration
        $200 if renewed 31-90 days after expiration
        $300 if renewed 91-180 days after expiration

After 180 days, please email to see if your WMP can be renewed with your old data.

Although we intend to keep expired WMPs in the platform for at least one year and maybe 2 or 3 years, we do not have a firm time period, particularly since some WMPs take more space than others.

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