Allowing team members to configure WMPs without giving them access to activate new WMPs

You could put all your new WMPs under a corporate email ( That way, the purchaser will keep control of the purchasing, activation, and renewal of plans.

When you're ready to start on a new WMP:

  1. Send an email to whomever will do the site survey and enter data in the platform (the configuror), asking for the site name and address and primary building type (make sure it's correct because it can't be changed).
  1. In Step 1, #3, enter the configuror's email to add him or her as a team member. Be sure to check the box allowing configuration.
  1. Click the "send invitation" button and copy the text to email to the configuror. They can then set up a password and log in. You can then turn the plan over to the configuror to set it up for your customer.

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