Building type selection in step 1

If you don't see your specific building type in the dropdown list, that's okay. The building type category will not appear anywhere in your WMP. The selection is simply for populating your WMP with the best default information.

Select the type that is similar to yours with respect to the typical types of water fixtures and devices. Here are suggestions:

  • For convention centers, select office/commercial/retail.
  • For data centers, select office/commercial/retail.
  • For health clubs, select "hotel" if the health club is within a hotel or other building where guests stay over night for a short term. Otherwise, select "office/commercial/retail."
  • For retail buildings, select office/commercial/retail.
  • For restaurants, select office/commercial/retail.
  • For warehouses, select industrial or office/commercial/retail (either will work).
  • For an arena or auditorium, select office/commercial/retail.
  • For a church that has school, select school/university. If the church does not have a school, select office/commercial/retail.
  • For an office where patients sometimes stay overnight, select healthcare/surgery center/clinic.

If you have a multiple building types on one campus, click here for help.

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