Next Steps: what to do with the WMP after it's set up

Read the entire WMP, if you haven't already, and then schedule the tasks outlined in it:

  1. Get started with the control measures in Step 3 of the Configuration Section (i.e., documentation, verification, scheduling). For instructions, click on the help link “Click here for help with setting up your control measures” at the top of Step 3.
  2. Schedule your validation procedures, as applicable, per the section titled "Confirmation of the Plan."
  3. Schedule your team meetings per the section titled "Management of the WMP."
  4. Review the training plan in "Management of the WMP," determine which employees should be trained, and arrange for them to get started with it.
  5. Schedule the re-survey of the facility. Resurvey yearly per ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188-2015. As part of the re-survey, review hidden systems in the Hazard Analysis and “un-hide” any that were found in the re-survey. For those systems, change “No” to “Yes” in Step 1, #6. Also re-review all your control measures, including hidden ones in case any of those should be reactivated.

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