Entering Legionella Test Results Data

To make use of the summary reports and graphed results in the WMP Reports section, be sure you have entered data for all applicable water systems in Step 2-7 of the Configuration section, and then select the correct drop-down option in all fields of the Legionella test results data entry form.

Here are suggestions for each field:

Date: Enter the date the samples were collected. This field must be filled in to save the test result.

Sample number: Enter sample numbers corresponding with the chain of custody (COC) and laboratory report.

Location: Enter the location as identified on the laboratory report and COC. Sample locations should allow anyone reviewing the report to know exactly what was sampled, even years later. Include, as applicable, the floor number, room number or name, room type, and identifiers such as North, South, East, West, or middle. For details about recording sampling data, see HC Info Course 403, "How to Collect Samples and Record Data for Legionella Testing."

Device, Sample, System, and Sample Type: Select from the dropdown menu

Result: Select "Positive" if Legionella was detected. "ND" means "not detected."

Positive Result Strain: Abbreviations are listed below. For more information on Legionella strains, see HC Info's Course 404, "Interpreting Legionella Water Test Results and Responding Appropriately."

  • L anisa: Legionella anisa
  • L boz: Legionella bozemanii
  • L dum: Legionella dumoffi
  • L mic: Legionella micdadei
  • L spp: Legionella species, meaning Legionella was detected but the species was not identified. This term can have various meanings depending on what the laboratory screens for. See the section "Deciphering Lab Reports" in Course 404.
  • Lp (sg not ID’d): Legionella pneumophila detected but the pneumophila serogroup was not identified.
  • Lp1: Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1
  • Lp15: Legionella pneumophila serogroup 15
  • Lp2-14: Any Legionella pneumophila serogroup in the range of 2 to 14.
  • Multiple: More than one strain reported by the laboratory.

Positive Result Concentration Unit: For summary reports of concentrations to be useful, enter the same unit for all sampling rounds and lab reports. For example, if you are using a lab that reports results in CFU/mL and switch to a lab that reports in CFU/L, continue entering results in CFU/mL by converting CFU/L results to CFU/mL.

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