Transfer a WMP from one account to another

To transfer a water management plan (WMP) to another LAMPS WMP purchaser account, the current account holder must direct us in writing to release the WMP to a specific username (email address). The new account holder must be an approved WMP Purchaser in LAMPS.

If the new account holder is not already an approved LAMPS WMP Purchaser, and is a water treatment company or other service provider, that service provider must be an HC Info WMP Partner. If the company is not a WMP Partner and does not become one prior to the transfer, then HC Info can transfer the WMP to the facility owner and the facility owner can assign WMP team members as it wishes.

HC Info charges $90 to transfer a WMP because the procedure requires work that is beyond the scope of regular software support.

Please follow these steps to request a transfer:

1. Work out the arrangement between the current and proposed new account holder. HC Info does not become involved in negotiations between the transferror and transferee. 

2. Email to request the transfer, providing the following information:
•    Full WMP site name and address
•    Current account holder email address
•    Proposed new account holder email address, name, company name, and mailing address

3. After HC Info approves a new account holder, submit this order form to pay HC Info’s $90 fee and finalize the transfer request:

HC Info will complete the transfer and send an email confirmation to the old and new account holders.

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