Preparing for WMP Internal or Regulatory Reporting

If your property is in New York City, click here for specific instructions.

For other properties, consider the following steps:

1. Before you start putting together your documentation, make sure you have completed the set-up and implementation of your WMP.

To check your progress, go through the steps suggested for Auditing a LAMPS WMP. Although it provides no guarantee that your WMP is complete, it can help uncover deficiencies.


2. Gather your performance documentation

Examples include the following:


  • Control measure documentation. Logs or other documents listed in the documentation box of your control measures (e.g., cooling tower logs, applicable water treatment vendor logs, chemistry or microbial test results, records pertaining to shutdown and start-up procedures).
  • Legionella test results. If you entered your Legionella test results into the LAMPS database, you can get the results for a specific time range by clicking on "Enter and View Legionella Test Results" under "Validation Test Results" in the LAMPS WMP Documentation section. If your test results are not recorded in LAMPS, then gather the applicable lab reports.
  • As applicable, documentation of Team discussions of corrective actions. Retrieve the document(s) uploaded to the LAMPS WMP Documentation under “Team Meeting Notes.”
  • Environmental assessment required for health facilities (e.g., as required by NYSDOH). The completed assessment should have been uploaded by the team in the WMP Documentation section under “WMP Auditing and Regulatory Reporting.” 


3. Keep documents for the current reporting period in one easy-to-find place

The documentation for many of your control measures will likely be in the control measure documentation box.

For control measures documented by outside logs, keep the current logs in one easy-to-find location.

You can upload your ready-for-reporting documents in the LAMPS WMP Documentation section under "WMP Auditing and Regulatory Reporting." That way, everyone on your team has access to them.


4. As applicable, use a form that makes it easy for a regulatory inspector to see you are in compliance

Use a "crosswalk" showing where to find compliance with each code requirement. It will help a regulatory inspector navigate your WMP and WMP documentation to quickly find required compliance.

Under “WMP Auditing and Regulatory Reporting” in the LAMPS WMP Documentation section:

  • Click “Download NYSDOH Report Form” for reporting to New York State
  • Click “Report for NYC Health - Instructions” for reporting to New York City


5. Report the information as required

This will vary depending on the agency. Some will require you to assemble all the documentation in a PDF, printout, or both. For others, you may be able to add an inspector as a temporary WMP team member so he or she can go into LAMPS and click to quickly get the information they need. Other agencies may require you to upload forms and data to their website.

Click here for more information if your property is in New York State

Click here for more information if your property is in New York City. 

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